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Paintball – brings all the adventure you’ve dreamed of in video games to life!

Enter into the adventure of your lives and liberate a hostage or even... save the world from nuclear disaster! Become a hero!
Golf in Warsaw

Golf in Warsaw – regardless of your age and experience. Just try it!

Everyone is welcome to learn and play! Enjoy chipping area, sand bunker, driving range, putting green and mini-golf.
horse riding

Horse-riding for beginners and proffesionals. Get back to the nature

Beginner? Experienced rider? It doesn't matter - spend your free time in Warsaw actively in a company of majestic animals.
risky bungee jumping

(Non-)risky bungee jumping – overcome the fear of heights

Never tried free-falling? The first modern bungee jumps were made in 1979... and jumpers were arrested shortly after.
rope park

Adrenaline in rope parks! A fun experience for adults, children and families

Everyone will find something for him - we offer trails with different kinds of difficulties. Become a child one more time and have fun among the top of the trees!
Go-kart racing in Warsaw

Go-kart racing in Warsaw – for those who like a spirit of competition

Go-kart racing for individuals and all type of events - from birthday parties to corporate outings and team building!
Safe driving school

Safe driving school – practice your skills and feel like racing driver

Learn the skills needed to be a safe, defensive driver and get a know-how and experience in road safety. For every car user.
Shooting range Warsaw

Put to the test your precision at the shooting range in Warsaw

Check your sniper skills at one of Warsaw shooting ranges. For groups and individuals!
AB Poland Travel

AB Poland Travel